fretboard type

Based on your type of guitar, we will display fewer or more frets.

note names

Display note names, such as A or C#, for every note visualized on the fretboard. This will include the root note.

root name

Display the name of the root note of your chosen scale. The names of other notes may or may not be displayed, based on the previous setting.

highlight root note

We display the root note in a darker color for easy identification. You may choose to turn this off.

fret numbers

Displays fret numbers below the fretboard. This helps more beginner guitarists find position on a fretboard easily.

adjacent frets

Sets how many frets to show on either side of the main fretboard position. Choose Full to display the entire fretboard.

finger numbers

coming soon

Displays the right finger to place on each note based on the position of the scale. 1 - index finger, 2 - middle finger, 3 - ring finger, 4 - little finger. If this setting is on, the note names will be turned off, and vice versa.



Sets the duration for each position. For example, a setting of 30 will switch positions in your chosen key and scale every 30 seconds.